Of Shores, Skin and Kanga

image1This happens to be a shoot I have always wanted to do. After constant procrastination I saved a few hours of my tight schedule and partnered with the talented Danny of Etroca Photography to get this project off the ground.

The weather did not cooperate; the sun kept eluding us so we had to make do with a few hours of grey skies.

For wardrobe, my favourite Kanga drawstring shorts and woven panama hat did the job.

Allow me share the fruits of our effort that day.



It’s always a pleasure having you swing by. Leave a comment and I shall surely revert!



Location: Jahazi Pier

Photography: Etroca Photography

Post Production: Tazibone Solomon


17 thoughts on “Of Shores, Skin and Kanga

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    you on social media.pliz kindly check my page and give me some feedback about my blogger and tips if u dont mind


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