Layering involves mastering the art of combining clothing so that if functions properly (protects you, allows you to move, and is comfortable) and is aesthetically pleasing to the human eye (

When it comes to dressing up, I am a sucker for layering-so much that I feel underdressed with one layer of clothing except if I am donning statement pieces. The beauty of layering is that it lets you build up a  look which defines a  fashion savvy individual.

When I layer I make sure that each layer of clothing is something I could wear on its own, I never exceed two vivid colours and if I am wearing two prints (which is my limit), one should be more subdued, not forgetting that the two should compliment each other.

I keep getting more irreverent  when it comes to style because I am not one to conform. This look marries casual with formal in an unconventionally cool way. Usually, the crisp white dress shirt and waistcoat combo would call for a blazer but I went off course with a distressed denim jacket worn with a popped collar for a much needed renegade touch. Pin button badges are having a moment so I couldn’t think of a quirkier way to accessorize my denim jacket. To complete this look, I opted for yellow hued angular aviator sunglasses.

Take a look;

image1 (1)



If you had to layer a different casual piece over the shirt and waistcoat, what would it be? Sound off in the comment box below.



Shirt: H&M Easy Iron

Waistcoat: Thrifted

Denim jacket: ThisnThat256

Button pin ons: Polka Dots Store

Sunglasses: ThisnThat256


Photography: Drama Duncans


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