Kredibility Styling; Bending Rules.


What if tables were also made to be turned? What if style fluidity was not a outlandish as it is perceived?

I am on a quest to explore that notion when it comes to style; but obviously within reason. Initially I really had no idea in terms of concept but one thing is for sure, I wanted to conform yet stay defiant with the styling.

For the longest time, I had been toying with the idea of juxtaposing a skirt with traditional menswear. Forget the mainstream kilt, or think a much more minimalistic version.

The journey behind this look started with an all black unbuttoned suit which I deconstructed by replacing the pants with a black A-line skirt and monochrome ASOS tights to break the monotony of the black. ย The metal embellished belt, wide brim hat and fringe loafers make for rustic charm.


In a nutshell, the inspiration behind this shoot was to create an off -tangent yet visually stimulating result. Did I achieve that? Sound off in the comment section below.


Model: MacDullah Hajj

Photography: Manzi Rolland