Layering involves mastering the art of combining clothing so that if functions properly (protects you, allows you to move, and is comfortable) and is aesthetically pleasing to the human eye (

When it comes to dressing up, I am a sucker for layering-so much that I feel underdressed with one layer of clothing except if I am donning statement pieces. The beauty of layering is that it lets you build up a  look which defines a  fashion savvy individual.

When I layer I make sure that each layer of clothing is something I could wear on its own, I never exceed two vivid colours and if I am wearing two prints (which is my limit), one should be more subdued, not forgetting that the two should compliment each other.

I keep getting more irreverent  when it comes to style because I am not one to conform. This look marries casual with formal in an unconventionally cool way. Usually, the crisp white dress shirt and waistcoat combo would call for a blazer but I went off course with a distressed denim jacket worn with a popped collar for a much needed renegade touch. Pin button badges are having a moment so I couldn’t think of a quirkier way to accessorize my denim jacket. To complete this look, I opted for yellow hued angular aviator sunglasses.

Take a look;

image1 (1)



If you had to layer a different casual piece over the shirt and waistcoat, what would it be? Sound off in the comment box below.



Shirt: H&M Easy Iron

Waistcoat: Thrifted

Denim jacket: ThisnThat256

Button pin ons: Polka Dots Store

Sunglasses: ThisnThat256


Photography: Drama Duncans


Boho. Because why not?

IMG_2496 (2)


Anyone that knows me knows I am a sucker for bohemian style. In modern usage, the term “Bohemian” is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives (Wikipedia). Bohemian style therefore mirrors this personality.

Arguably the most expressive style, the boho dress sense expresses free spiritedness and non-conformity while heavily relying on relaxed and comfortable silhouettes. What’s not to love about that?

Since I wanted to pack light for my latest shoot, I had to think of an easy, fuss-free ensemble. The Aztec print throw on that I made from a shawl is a wardrobe favourite of mine and it pretty much was the focal point of the whole ensemble.

To compliment this quintessential bohemian piece, I went big on jewelry and do not regret it! It was quite refreshing going extra with the hoop earrings, stacked rings and an infinity pendant leather necklace that I was skittish about using at first.

Black faux leather pants and boots completed the look.

I had so much fun shooting this specific look, and that, I hope you can read in these shots.


FullSizeRender (5)

FullSizeRender (6)

FullSizeRender (4)

IMG_2492 (1)


Photography: @Etroca Photography

Post Production: Tazibone Solomon & Etroca Photography

Location: Jahazi Pier


Of Shores, Skin and Kanga

image1This happens to be a shoot I have always wanted to do. After constant procrastination I saved a few hours of my tight schedule and partnered with the talented Danny of Etroca Photography to get this project off the ground.

The weather did not cooperate; the sun kept eluding us so we had to make do with a few hours of grey skies.

For wardrobe, my favourite Kanga drawstring shorts and woven panama hat did the job.

Allow me share the fruits of our effort that day.



It’s always a pleasure having you swing by. Leave a comment and I shall surely revert!



Location: Jahazi Pier

Photography: Etroca Photography

Post Production: Tazibone Solomon

Blankets & Wine 16

IMG_0887The 16th edition of the music fete came to pass on the 30th April and what a way to end the month given the following was labour day! With the biggest line up of performers including the Legendary Afrigo band, dancehall sensation Cindy, kenyan acts; Muthoni the drummer queen, Kagwe Mungai among other upcoming acts the event surely did not disappoint on entertainment.

From bold, afrocentric and vibrant ensembles, to modern and edgy looks, the fashion at the even was proof that kampala crowd is surely stepping up by leaps and bounds.

My outfit choice was a custom made tank with aztec beaded applique, turned-up leather pants and black boots. For accessories I went with leather and beaded bracelets, my favourite casio classic digital timepiece and aviator sunglasses.

I compiled a few pictures below and would appreciate your feedback.






Photography: Style terminal Africa, Roké Telkom



The Club Music Video Awards

EZYY8100After a hiatus, we are glad the Club Music Video Awards (CMVAs) finally came to Kampala again! With the first ever blue carpet, I was looking forward to some equally refreshing fashion on the red, sorry blue carpet . For an event of its magnitude, I was rather dispirited that, save from very few eye catching ensembles, the fashion was rather lukewarm.

For my outfit, I wanted something that would stand out yet not be contrived. I wanted an effortlessly polished look that would be memorable.

I opted for a black shirt and kept it monotone at the bottom with grey pants and oxfords. For much needed zing, I accessorized with a graphic “kilt” and a statement belt; my way of partaking of the ‘men in skirts’ trend without going the whole nine yards.

Here’s my look in pictures;





posing alongside fashion writer, Gloria Haguma


Thoughts on my look for the night? Sound off in the comment box.

Outfit Details;

Shirt, shoes and belt: Thrifted

Pants: Mr Price

Photo cred: Manzi Rolland

                        Access Films

Denim is BAE

challenge cover pic

I have wrapped up  a fitness challenge that spanned over a month and entailed varied non equipment workouts every day. The gist of the challenge as initiated by Denmark based fitness trainer Paul Kaliisa was to find a way of incorporating fitness into the daily routine of just about anybody, as the workouts were fairly easy and didn’t require fitness equipment.

Challenge pic 1

The concept of this shoot was to show my results in a hip and stylish way. The oversize denim jacket is all the rage now and is a very easy way to tap into norm core trend.

I opted for matching jeans because, hey denim on denim is the epitome of cool, and thats irrefutable!

I accesorized with a bandana around the arm; which I feel is tastefully juvenile, a casio clasic digital watch and retro clear frames.

challenge pic 2

Over to you , leave a comment and thanks for swinging by!

Photography:  Manzi Rolland


Oversized Denim jacket: Polka Dots Store

Watch: Casio Classic digital timepiece (B640)

Jeans: Thrifted

Eyewear: Thrifted



It had been ages since I last had a professionally done photo shoot featuring well, myself. Much as I had kept planning and procrastinating, I guess we all get to the point where we run out of excuses. Even more reason for me to ‘serve’ for the lens was my double Nomination in the Upcoming Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAs). I am nominated for Stylist of the year and Best Dressed Male Media Personality. This necessitated an befitting shoot as the photos were required for promotional artwork for this campaign.

I aptly titled this post ‘disparate’ because the difference in the influence behind each look is quite distinct; which was the idea. I believe fluidity defines a true fashion forward individual, and besides, there’s much more fun in trying to pull off different personalities through dressing up. Innit?


The first look was inspired by 50s fashion. I live for the striped pants.


The second look was ‘Magic Mike-esque’ and featured a sleeveless jacket and detachable collar and necktie over navy chinos and suede oxford lace up shoes.The idea was subtly risque yet stylish.


The third and final look was out-of-the-box glamourous. To break  the black tie norm, I layered a tux jacket over a Sylvia Owori embellished custom made tunic. trust me it did look and felt effortless!

Outfit details;

Look 1; Striped pants and hat – Kai Divo’s Collection, waistcoat, shirt, fur coat and shoes – thrifted

Look 2: sleeveless jacket – Kai Divo’s Collection, pants – Mr Price, Collar – crafted, shoes – Aldo

Look 3: Suit – Kai Divo’s Collection, Tunic – Sylvia Owori, shoes – thrifted